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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LuV noTE

This is my 2nd lurve note that t i want to dedicate to someone..
This is juz one of the ways to show my feelings to that person
No copying are allowed please..!!
Maybe after this some of you,READERS might noeAlign Center what type of person i am..
i am who i am..this is the real me

The words that i want to say to you now,
Could be a little embarrassing,
Since i usually just joke around with you,
Please try to understand and listen.
Honestly i thought,
I didn't deserved to love yet,
When i first met you,
I had no confidence,
And i had worries such as that.
As times passes,
The times we spent together,
I've got to used to this precious moments,
You're always by my side looking at me,
I am so thankful for your trust and love.
Now i'll mature,
When you are watching me,
The scent of love that would not change,
i will mature even more when i look at you,
With a trusting gaze that would not change,
Now i'll begin changing first.
Words like i love you,and i like you,
Words that i could not say and were awkward,
I tried to make it light like a joke,
Did i do wrong, ur heart hurt right?
Now that u are protecting by my side,
When i need you love and trust
Now i begin loving first...

p/s:Happy Anniversary..i love you

4 suara hati:

yusraliyana said...

happy aniversary too.. :)

nabila saat said...

thnx ayus

Aliff Lazim said...

Happy2 kak ipar =)

nabila saat said...

tenkiu adik ipar..!!
peace No war..~

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