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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Curious kids need to be tough inside

Childs nowadays easily suffer with many infections such as tonsils,cough, wheezing and much more.Furthermore, kids do not often desire vegetables and fruits ,no wonder many parents just give up and feel so helpless! There are actually some strategies in boosting our childrens immune system:

1)1st and foremost step that has to be taken by mom.Breastfeed is the best vaccine for kids.It contains almost all nutriens needed for the babies.

2) Prepare freshly squeezed orange juice and raw vegetable juices.Better if we let our kids do it by themselves made with a juice machine or blenders.

3) Encourage our child to eat more fish and, even better, try to give one teaspoon of cod liver oil every day.There are many healthy tablets and gummy candy that suitable and attractive for kids.

4)Minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. Check the contents of household products, toys, and vaccines, all of which may contain harmful chemicals that impair immune function and pose other health risks.

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