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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its what friends for...

TIME:: 8.15PM

Overall synopsis..Halloo there...WWaaahh..long time not updating my belog.Just Wanna share my point of view 'bout this A-Team movie not a team.K

Just imagine, if u have a real declared crazy partner(Murdock) that pilot your plane..It obviously drives u crazy too right..haha.It is where their journey begins..A very creative-minded leader (Hannibal) sure knows how to handle every case successfully with his daring exploits..Crystal clear..
Four of them are Ranger accidentally met..
The most unforgettable scene is the contena game..the last part..waahhh..amazed+speechless..
Joe Carnahan must be expect this movie will be this true awesome..i like..it never cross my mind that those games and things that we do every single free day can built a good trick and plan.
To destroy culprit that actually their own best friends..and so their name will clear.
But the ending differ from my expectation..not a good one..
but i really enjoy watching this movee..the A-TEAM deserve 4 stars..

2 suara hati:

diriku said...

A team..xtgk lg cte ni..he2

nabila saat said...

tgk la..best..!!!!

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