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Saturday, July 11, 2009

bad day is today

im sorry my friend..hazirah n hanie..
xboleh teman korang pg family day n pg klcc..
something come up suddenly..
i have 2 be with him at dis time..
i want 2 be with him..
tp lain kali if ada masa lg..kte bleh pg jaln same2..k

am i too schematic..systematic..??
the answer is YES..!!I AM..
i am dat type of person yg sukakan kata putus
dun like surprise,last minute plan..
ia akan mmbuatkan aku kelam kabut..susah nak atur my schedule..arrghh..
im really sorry to a person..
to someone
doesnt mean dat i dun like 2 go out with u
ur my precious one..takkan lah aku xsuka keluar dgn dia..
but i dun noe dat ur coming after u see the doctor
but i really appreaciate it..really
im sorry..from da very bottom of my heart
i cant feel da happiness today

so i juz go out..ALONE
juz 2 take some fresh air..deep breath..shopping
its good for me..
im healed now

p/s:going back to ur hometown is not the problem..

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