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Friday, December 3, 2010

da baby, da sista, THE THESIS..!!

Hye..its me again!! yeah..who else..daaaa..
borink!!! stack of assg need to complete..pomote gambar ckit..sambil minum cool blog..
nampak x yg kaler hijau tu..Honeydew iceblended+pearl cool blog
yearghhh!!!im addicted

I am crawling to death in updating this blog. Anyway, here are some updates of my life
(like you people want to know, LOL =^>

Tomey x both of 'em?? mish them..next year i will make mine..=>
which one would you choose?

This is my cutey, chubby, litlte sista..She's staying at UKM now. such a meddler.tp bagus jgk. org lain enjoy holiday, aku dok struggle exam.so, my sista teman la..konon..waarghh!!baik giler adik aku.~ window shopping, round2x, singing together..well..

What else can i say. im soo000 lucky.!!i am supposed to submit my thesis writing today. not yet finish editing references ikut Gaya UKM..arghh..
then, aku tekad,redha,tabah..ring!!ring!!
sv got emergency!!meet him on monday~
what else..Allah memang maha adil dan sayang hambanya ini..
but then, i just finish my handmade,brainplushie, my lovely THESIS!!

Thats all..daa~ layan Oh My Lady..!!with my sista

Well, How about you guys? What are you doing lately?

4 suara hati:

zino said...

serious nya minum hehe

nabila saat said...

hehe..COOL BLOG!!
air yg sedap~

sue. said...

sedapnye die makan.

nabila saat said...

mmg sedap..lagi2x ada cool blog

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